Mice, anyone? Making a meal out of mice in Malawi


I don’t know if poor has the most to do with why mice are eaten in Malawi. Locals do strange things because they have done so for long periods. Most miniature dogs were originally bred to hunt vermin on large properties. Malawians have kids hunt them and deem the rats a delicacy. I see some similarities and differences. I recommend the rats are kept alive in captivity for a few days and massaged like Kobe cows to improve the flavor. Why not? They are doing everything else.


AP – In this June 20, 2009 photo mice are sorted according their size after being captured in a maize field …
By TSVANGIRAYI MUKWAZHI, Associated Press Writer – Sun Aug 9, 12:42 am ET
LILONGWE, Malawi – Cooked, salted or dried, field mice strung on sticks are sold as a popular delicacy in Malawi markets and roadside stalls.
The mice are hunted in corn fields after the harvest when they have grown plump on a diet of grains, fruits, grass and the odd insect. The most widely eaten species is known locally as Kapuku, gray in color and with a shorter tail than the more common rat.
Young boys have to be quick as they chase the mice through the fields and catch them. But local villagers have also come up with an innovative trap.
One method involves digging holes and putting clay pots filled with water into them. The mouth of the pot is smeared with fried corn husks. As some of the mice fight for the husks, they fall into the pot and drown.
Malawi, with a population of 12 million, is among the poorest countries in the world, with rampant disease and hunger, aggravated by periodic droughts and crop failure.

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