Knowing Your Target Market: Radio Shack Rebrands to The Shack


Shack sounds catchier than Radioshack. The original name has been in use and recognized but has lost its touch because electronics is about NEW. New companies appear everyday in retail or related to retail because of the potential for being a new concept. A good size of the market niche is reserved for the new concept and product. Radioshack moved into the future by taking part of this niche. How long can it keep it? Nobody knows that one. Others would want that niche as soon as Shack is old news.


from Branding and Marketing by Chris Brown
When I first heard that Radio Shack was rebranding, I thought, “great!”

But after I read what Scott White (aka The Big Kahuna) wrote at Brand Identity Guru, RadioShack: A Case Study in Half-Assed Branding, I was disappointed.

I would love to hear about the research that Radio Shack conducted before they rebranded.

Turns out Radio Shack’s management is NOT getting rid of the word “SHACK” in their name. To me “shack” means a falling down, temporary structure that you wouldn’t want your dog to sleep under because it might collapse on him in the night.

Or, it reminds me of the song, Sugar Shack.

Or I think of the best- selling book called “The Shack” by William P. Young. My book club was reading it this summer. It’s #13 on Amazon and as of today, 602 days in the top 100 list. Three big strikes right there, in my mind.

All right. Four Big strikes. Why pick a popular word? A popular word makes it tough to get natural organic search engine optimization! (I know about someone else having your name since my name is Chris Brown!)


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