Re: Doctor Fired Over Doughnuts


Someone should have told the poor doctor Donuts are not food, they are politics. Everyone should know more important issues take precedence over the health of the American people. This should be obvious by now. America is the only country that has its own native cover-up system. Everyone knows what is bad but you are not supposed to ever acknowledge in public or get into trouble. America won’t be a great country if so many bad things inhabit it and are always being talked about. Turn a blind eye to what-is-wrong or you shall pay as the good doctor did. America is great. Whatever makes it look not great does not exist. Why is it so hard to understand. Generations of Americans have lived by this law and were left alone (you don’t get to prosper because you conform.)


from H That’s Fit by Bev Sklar
Filed under: Diet & Weight Loss

Photo: Qfamily, Flickr
If you’re a government employee advocating against junk food, don’t mess with the doughnuts, especially Dunkin’ Donuts. Dr. Jason Newsom, the head of the Bay County Health Department in Panama City, Fla, was recently fired for his controversial messages equating Dunkin’ Donuts with death.

It all started innocently enough, according to the Associated Press. Citizens driving by were greeted with electronic sign one-liners such as “Sweet Tea = Liquid Sugar,” “Hamburgers = Spare Tire” and “French Fries = Thunder Thighs.” No doubt this county’s eating habits aren’t stellar, 39 percent of all adults were overweight in 2007, and one in four obese. But when Newsom started naming corporate names with “America Dies on Dunkin'” and “Dunkin’ Donuts = Death,” two local lawyers who owned a Dunkin’ Donuts came calling. They knocked on the door of the County Commissioner, who also happens to own a local doughnut shop. Hmm — wonder if their sugary meeting was fueled by a dozen Dunkin’ or a plate of Commish doughnut holes?

Some of Newsom’s staff were angry he’d banned the sacred doughnut from department meetings and replaced vending candy bars with peanuts. Cruel. Newsom would probably have a job today if he hadn’t messed with the corporate doughnut giant of them all. But he did.
“My method was a little provocative and controversial,” he told the AP, “but there wasn’t a person in Bay County who wasn’t talking about health and healthy eating.”


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