Re: Casual Fridays: We believe we’re the thriftiest people we know


I am a very cheap person. I guess the correct term is thrifty but still means cheap. I find researches like this interesting because they make little sense to me.


Sep 7, 2009 (23 hours ago)from Cognitive Daily

Last week we asked readers how far they’d go to save a little money. Would you wash and re-use disposable plastic silverware? Get a “Doggie Bag” for your restaurant leftovers? Over 5,000 people responded to our Casual Fridays thriftfest last week — the most popular Casual Friday ever, thanks to a link from

In fact, I was a little concerned that the large response from an external site would skew our results, but I couldn’t find much indication of that — we had over 600 responses before the link appeared on The Consumerist, and responses didn’t change significantly afterwards.

So how thrifty are we? This chart offers a general summary of the results:


While most respondents are quite likely to get a doggy bag or re-use the back side of printed paper, for the other questions, respondents were more divided. People are about equally divided between soap-melders (who mush the old bar of soap together with the new ones) and soap-purists, who keep their new bars of soap pristine. Most people are unlikely to re-use old zipper bags or plastic silverware, but many are willing to re-use plastic containers like margarine tubs from the grocery store.



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