Re: Autobiography of a Tip


Fascinating story though I don’t really think it has much to do with tipping and more to do with the economic limitations in a culture. Is the tip the salvation? I don’t think so.


These days, it’s easy to feel that a dollar doesn’t make a difference. For one thing, we all have fewer of them. For another, they no longer go as far as they once did. But our dollars are actually more transformative than we think, especially in places like India, where the burgeoning tourism industry has helped give birth to a huge new middle class. To prove it, we asked 21-year-old Chetan Kashyap, an employee of the Shangri-La Hotel in New Delhi, to tell us how he spent the money he earned in tips each week—money that helped support not just him but his family and his community.

Read the Whole Thing


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