Re: From China with love? Don’t be mis-lead


I won’t be mis-lead. I bet this happens all the time with all kinds of manufactured products, from anywhere in the world, and we may or may not hear about it. One thing for sure is it will happen again.


from Consumer Reports by Consumer Reports on Safety

From China with love? Don’t be mis-lead

Despite stricter testing requirements and tighter limits for the amount of lead permitted in children’s products, lead-laden items with kid appeal can still be found on store shelves. That’s the finding of Jeffrey Weidenhamer, a chemistry professor at Ashland University in Ohio who is an expert in analytical chemistry.

This summer, Weidenhamer tested “Patriot Pride” jewelry sets purchased in May at Flower Factory, a store in Mansfield, Ohio. Though the made-in-China pendant on the necklace pictured at right proclaims, “I love USA”, the metal, made primarily of lead, could expose a child to toxic lead levels if they mouth or accidentally ingest the pendant. Weidenhamer’s tests showed that the pendant’s total lead content was an astounding 861,000 parts per million. The limit imposed in February for total lead content in children’s products was 600 ppm, which was reduced further in August to 300 ppm.

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