Re: Hand washing: Public humiliation works


This problem is very common in the restaurant business. Staff have to wash hands regularly when working back of the house and using restrooms of course. Some establishments share restrooms used by guests and front of the house staffs. I made a rule of thumb for my staff that anytime someone enters the restroom the hands have to be washed before leaving. This kills two birds with one stone, all the time, because hands always get washed and never missed and if a staff uses the restroom just to check tie or shirt the hands still get washed leaving no surprises for the guests about to use the same restroom. My rule leaves no misunderstandings or health hazards behind. If only everyone did what I told them to do.

from Consumer Reports by Ginger Skinner

Hand washing: Public humiliation works

As flu season approaches, everyone is talking about hand washing, especially health-care professionals. But will more talking mean more doing? A couple of public humiliations helped make me become a better hand washer.

The first occurred when, as a relatively new certified nurse midwife, I was training to assist on cesarean sections. I scrubbed in with the doctor, chatting as we completed the ritualized five minutes of hand washing. We were off to a good start—or so I thought. But when we were gloved and gowned and ready to go the doctor said, “So, who trained you to scrub anyway? Start over, and this time keep your hands up, so the dirty water doesn’t run back over them.” As the assembled operating room team watched and waited, I shamefacedly washed my hands again. Suffice it to say my presurgical hand washing became scrupulous that day.

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