Re: Michael Savage Off the Air in San Francisco

I used to wait on Savage as a bartender sometime ago. He used to say “I am not like all these other … I tip for my drink.” So did everybody else.


from SFist by Brock Keeling

Talk 910 KNEW, according to Patriot Axiom, has tossed controversial performance artist Michael Savage off the air in San Francisco. (What?!) “With little notice, Talk 910 KNEW has replaced controversial talk show host Michael Savage in the 3-7 time slot,” they report. According to the 910 AM’s blog, “Here’s your no-spin direct answer; we have decided to go in a different philosophical and ideological direction, featuring more contemporary content and more local information. The Savage Nation does not fit into that vision.” (Snap!) The somewhat boring “John and Ken” will replace Allen Ginsberg’s former BFF. (Say what you will about Savage, “uninteresting” is not one of them.) If you recall, Savage had to leave 560 KSFO after, well, being Michael Savage.

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