Re: Restaurant Industry Secrets 2009


Yes. Restaurant industry does have many dirty secrets and won’t tell you always. The chain ones get caught easy because rules are made for many outlets but independents have terrible secrets. Then again all businesses do. Why pick on restaurants? Maybe because people get sick there? I don’t know


Saturday, June 20th, 2009
A year ago, we uncovered 16 dirty little secrets the restaurant industry was keeping hidden under countertops and tucked behind boardroom doors. We exposed certain chains for refusing to disclose their nutritional content, and others for refusing to remove trans fatty acids from their foods, in spite of a flood of scientific evidence that shows how harmful partially hydrogenated oils can be. The good news is that, once exposed, some of the shamed chains moved to rectify these secrets. The bad news is that some didn’t. And the even more disappointing news is that in the year since, we’ve discovered 16 new secrets that the restaurant industry would rather you never hear about. Too bad for them.

Read the Whole Thing


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