Re: Sour economy pits age against youth


I totally agree but I think more is to this story. The number of youth moving in is far greater than the jobs available even if all the older adults moved out as expected. I forget what the numbers were. I think every 6 seconds a Baby Boomer retires. Those jobs are grabbed by Gen X folks who leave stuff behind for the youth aka Gen Y. The other side of the story is some industries prefer young over anything even a little older than young. Restauarnts and retail are good examples. These industries thrive on harder work, unusual hours, shorter tenure, worse benefits and the new to the workforce make great employees. Many categories of jobs are and will be 100% unavailable to everyone except the youth. There is too many of youth and they fit those jobs best, for the little while they last!


from Consumer Reports by Consumer Reports Shopping Blog

Sour economy pits age against youth

Last month, I celebrated my 20th anniversary with Consumer Reports, and while I generally don’t make a big deal out of milestones, this one meant a lot. My father was a blue-collar worker who came of age during the Great Depression, and his frugal ways rubbed off on me. He advised me to keep my money in the bank, never invest in anything riskier than a CD, and limit the balance in passbook savings account to the maximum insured by the FDIC. Since I had woefully little savings back in those days and retirement was an alien concept, his words of wisdom sounded perfectly reasonable.

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