Re: Who actually controls that “chef-owned” restaurant?


Restaurant business is mostly cash thus the confusion. They have to keep you guessing. Also, many times an investor is loaded and being involved in the restaurant means people will take legal action knowing how that person would react and pay them off. Everybody likes to be anonymous. You can find out a lot by checking the stuff through Depart of Corporation and doing a search for the liquor license, SFGov for business license. Anything worth knowing will never surface. Shady gets shadier. Lots of dirty money gets funneled through RESTAURANTS also. Always had. So many exciting things going on at the same time you are eating in the dining room.

I also have a curiousity question: Who reviews restaurants linked to mob and gangsters? Most of the restaurants not reviewed, by most media, for at least 5 years ago either suck huge or are connected to the city politics, dubious citizens and who knows what. That is the little I personally know. I wonder what really is going on. And I frankly don’t care. All big cities are dirty. But who reviews the restaurants that can bite you back anyway?

I’d like to share the following email that I received from a Bay Area restaurateur about the ownership of some big name restaurants:

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