Re: Bill Clinton Backs Newsom


Special interest to the rescue. Your candidate is dragging. He screwed up in San Francisco. Smarter people are politely eschewing him. Talk of surprise revelations, at critical times, that undermine his campaign have been heard by practical minds. It is all or nothing. Throw everything you have behind him. Special interest soon won’t have even less ownership of America.

Bill Clinton is a great man to support anyone. He once was President. He actually stood up for himself and got ripped so bad, he sold out to everyone literally. The talk was Clinton made a deal with just about anyone you can imagine not to grill him publicly. Saturday Night Live made a very good one about this critical turn: Clinton-look-alike standing and shaking hands with a line. Each person walks up making a statement. Clinton repeats the same line regardless of what he heard. Some people in the line called him names he really deserved. That is Bill Clinton, former President of United States and sell-out to Special Interest.

Who else would come to the rescue? Send your best men. America is not what it used to be. You cannot just tell people who to vote for any more and some save dirty laundry for the best times. Newsom knows how much support he really has.

This blog is not political in mission. I just dislike both of them.


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