Re: Billions and Billions for High Speed Rail? Yes, Please!


High speed train should have been a long time ago. The public transport system in California is ridicolous but makes sense. Billions were from having a dysfunctional system and that is what is important. Now, it is possible to earn plenty from a functional public transport and some old ideas become popular very fast. Bart was originally designed to go around the Bay in a loop. That makes more sense than a high speed leg from San Jose to San Francisco. The difference is high speed SF to SJ gets limited use by commuters while Bart would literally move millions around probably 24/7 and connect to the high speed station in SJ easily. The better ideas will never find their time until the most money has been made from the new good idea of course.


from SFist by Brock Keeling

by Chris Jones

Keep your fingers crossed, folks.

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