Re: King: Same-Sex Marriage Is ‘A Purely Socialist Concept’


Leftist ideas have been around for as long as America has been here. Americans have embraced and fought them winning and losing. Some issues may appear to be one thing but could be something else or also have another side to them. Traditional American institutions have been under attack for a long time. Church has been downgraded especially since the arrival of Generation Y. Institution of family is not necessary but available as an option. The list goes on. Will same sex marriage serve only its stated objective? Yes and No. No because it is a very strong vehicle in attacking the established institutions. What we think of the traditional institutions is not the point. That they are coming under attack is. I don’t know about “purely” but if the leftists wanted to design a social vehicle to target some of the established and traditional American institutions, which hold the country together in many regions, they count same sex marriage as an ICBM of a leftist political idea. The prevalence of same sex married couples will simply shatter everything from the past nationwide with tremondous ruthlessness and not power. On another level, if same sex marriage goes Federal, the country will be flooded with extremely leftist people marrying same sex Americans to bolster the political position here. US will be overrun with international same sex marriages with US citizens which would be a 150% successful idea for the leftist movements. Basically, on another level, this is not about same sex anything but fighting the right on all fronts.


from Think Progress by Matt Corley
In April, when the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously struck down a state law defining marriage as solely between a man and a woman, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) called it an “unconstitutional” decision and predicted that it could lead to Iowa becoming “the gay marriage Mecca.”

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