Re: How Facebook, Social Networks Leak Your Privacy

Facebook has become commonplace and people take things for granted obviously. Privacy has always been a big issue and Facebook does a great job compared to similar networks. This article is interesting in how an outsider can use a simple tool, i.e. a program, to scan and find information that is private about a person from a Facebook profile. That will be a big deal. A person can be a target for marketing, crime, or who knows what. Enough information is available about a person through a profile to run simple programs that explore private and hidden. I find this more interesting than disturbing. Most well-to-do people I know avoid social media completely and I do not blame them.


from World of Psychology by John M Grohol PsyD
An article in the Boston Globe yesterday demonstrated how social networks like Facebook can “leak” privacy.

Devising a simple algorithm, two MIT students came up with a method for analyzing a person’s network on the social networking website Facebook. They discovered that they could fairly reliably determine whether a man was gay or not by the friends he kept, regardless of whether he identified his sexual orientation on Facebook:

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