Re: Selective Public Memory?

This post is very interesting. Popular media would shy away from such news except as a blip to shock people and use as propeganda. Racism is very much alive and won’t go anywhere. People assume if something disappears from the news, it has gone away. There are more communists in the world than any religion and US has “most favored trade status” for the biggest communist enemy this country has. And people would be surprised that US preferred to join Hitler and fight the British in WW Two. The idea does not make sense at all today, does it? Eugenics sounds like something happening in a far place with no laws nor religion. US has been and is as bad as everyone of them. The media does a good job of helping us not notice.


from The Essential Read by Pete Shanks
The naming of a new park after noted eugenicist William Shockley has drawn international attention to the small town of Auburn, California. The town council is caught in a bind: They accepted the park, and its name, apparently without being aware of Shockley’s racist and eugenic opinions, and now they are drawing widespread criticism.

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