Re: Navy Green: Military Investigates Biofuels to Power Its Ships and Planes


This post contains more propaganda than definitive information but the thought does have value. Governments are huge consumers worldwide and militaries consistently consume the best resources. I think fossil fuel is misused completely. Only the necessary vehicles should use gasoline as fuel. And the only time I know when fossil fuel makes sense is jet fuel. It makes sense to make jet fuel and fly huge transportation aircrafts but not to drive personal automobiles all over the planet. This is a great publicity move for the Navy to try alternate fuels but the system is rock solid in consuming the best resources as before.


Ships powered by algae and planes flying on weeds: that’s part of the future the U.S. Navy hopes to bring to fruition. This week, the seagoing branch of the military purchased 40,000 gallons of jet fuel derived from camelina—a weedy relative of canola—and 20,055 gallons of algae-derived diesellike fuel for ships.

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