Re: What Emotional Intelligence Is and Is Not


Emotional Intelligence does exist as far as I am concerned. People who can use their left brain should be able to detect emotions correctly in others. I have very good perception for emotions in other people and I use both hemispheres equally. People who use EI are usually more successful in my experience while the opposite is true. At least, that is what I was taught when I studied EI in a college course. A person with poor EI can lose temper and create a disaster while the opposite ensures survival and success in the long run. I am curious how people can be effectively trained in EI. I personally think EI is culture-based and complicated to teach if at all.


from The Essential Read by John D. Mayer, Ph.D.
Dear Readers,

This is the first of two special posts on Emotional Intelligence, written for Charaktery Magazine, a Polish-language publication. Charaktery’s article just appeared and is cross-posted here for readers of the Personality Analyst Blog. (This week’s regular Personality Analyst post, the latest installment on the Fact libel trial, was posted earlier and can be found here).

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