About Read by Cush blog

News clips with my comments sometimes.  Not a political blog to read but information that maybe of use in the future.

My schedule forces me to post only once-a-week on Wednesday or Thursday and I have stopped posting articles without making critical comments to this reading blog for sometime.  The change in my schedule makes it a good departure point for this reading blog from my other blogs.  Readbycush is the third in line of evolution of my reading books and finally gives its place to my Writtenbycush blog which includes any article I post with critical comments.  Readbycush will continue to update via autopost as the other predecessor reading blogs have but is basically valuable for searching the article inventory.  The three reading blogs still show consistent readership daily and differ in the article base contents which makes it worthwhile to keep them around and autopost them.  For professional purposes, Writtenbycush is the only blog now and Readbycush joins Manilla Folder and Purple Folder (its predecessors) in the cyberspace.  Any new additions or changes may reflect in the three blogs but will definitely reflect in Writtenbycush making it the blog to follow.

Since the tags and categories are not always up-to-date, use “search” to look for possibly useful information.


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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !


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