About the blog’s name

Why are my blogs named “……. by Cush?”  I got tired of grandiose names for my blogs and when it was time to move blogs, I chose a simple system.   And there is also a good reason.  First of all, this is a simple system that communicates the blog contents are about some topic i.e. wine and what the posts have in common is Cush, that is me, has put them together.  Second, I have read many good books on business and I am applying a principle called the Front Porch (The Power of Approachability by Scott Ginsberg).  The idea is to make oneself accessible to others.  Scott Ginsberg wore a name tag with his name “Scott” for four years as part of his experiment.  The name tag was his Front Porch.  I named my blogs “………. by Cush” and that is my Front Porch.  It is my way of making myself accessible for God-knows-who I may come across and professionally relate to.


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