Re: Selective Public Memory?

This post is very interesting. Popular media would shy away from such news except as a blip to shock people and use as propeganda. Racism is very much alive and won’t go anywhere. People assume if something disappears from the news, it has gone away. There are more communists in the world than any religion and US has “most favored trade status” for the biggest communist enemy this country has. And people would be surprised that US preferred to join Hitler and fight the British in WW Two. The idea does not make sense at all today, does it? Eugenics sounds like something happening in a far place with no laws nor religion. US has been and is as bad as everyone of them. The media does a good job of helping us not notice.


from The Essential Read by Pete Shanks
The naming of a new park after noted eugenicist William Shockley has drawn international attention to the small town of Auburn, California. The town council is caught in a bind: They accepted the park, and its name, apparently without being aware of Shockley’s racist and eugenic opinions, and now they are drawing widespread criticism.

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Re: How Long to Form a Habit?

This article is very interesting in that everyone believes 21 days is the magic number. I was told 30 for doing affirmations. That seemed to work well but sometimes they wouldn’t stick and I would have to go on and on. I don’t know about 66 but definitely more than 21 is a good way to go. Good article to read since applies to everyone.

from PsyBlog by Jeremy Dean

Research reveals a curved relationship between practice and automaticity.
Say you want to create a new habit, whether it’s taking more exercise, eating more healthily or writing a blog post every day, how often does it need to be performed before it no longer requires Herculean self-control?

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Re: How Facebook, Social Networks Leak Your Privacy

Facebook has become commonplace and people take things for granted obviously. Privacy has always been a big issue and Facebook does a great job compared to similar networks. This article is interesting in how an outsider can use a simple tool, i.e. a program, to scan and find information that is private about a person from a Facebook profile. That will be a big deal. A person can be a target for marketing, crime, or who knows what. Enough information is available about a person through a profile to run simple programs that explore private and hidden. I find this more interesting than disturbing. Most well-to-do people I know avoid social media completely and I do not blame them.


from World of Psychology by John M Grohol PsyD
An article in the Boston Globe yesterday demonstrated how social networks like Facebook can “leak” privacy.

Devising a simple algorithm, two MIT students came up with a method for analyzing a person’s network on the social networking website Facebook. They discovered that they could fairly reliably determine whether a man was gay or not by the friends he kept, regardless of whether he identified his sexual orientation on Facebook:

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Re: Billions and Billions for High Speed Rail? Yes, Please!


High speed train should have been a long time ago. The public transport system in California is ridicolous but makes sense. Billions were from having a dysfunctional system and that is what is important. Now, it is possible to earn plenty from a functional public transport and some old ideas become popular very fast. Bart was originally designed to go around the Bay in a loop. That makes more sense than a high speed leg from San Jose to San Francisco. The difference is high speed SF to SJ gets limited use by commuters while Bart would literally move millions around probably 24/7 and connect to the high speed station in SJ easily. The better ideas will never find their time until the most money has been made from the new good idea of course.


from SFist by Brock Keeling

by Chris Jones

Keep your fingers crossed, folks.

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Re: Stop Talking About Social Media and Go Do It Already


I like this post and what it says. The independent restaurants and other small businesses make the least of some available tools. Most people do not have the time to follow the trends and so on. Maybe the Chamber of Commerce or the local restaurant association should have a pamphlet or booklet periodically to help use what has become available. Everyone has a website but more is available which will be obsolete by the time the independent restaurants begin using them. That seems to always be the case.


from PR 2.0 by brian
Guest post by Louis Gray, @louisgray

Social media can be an incredible tool, both for producing and consuming incredible amounts of information.

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Re: Google CEO says paid online content won’t work for general news


I actually disagree. The free news maybe abundant but most intelligent people trust specific sources for different types of information. They would want to read what a specific source has to say. As far as paying, the news group have to bundle together and they will win. A bunch of very popular and less popular sources available for one fee to access will attract the public. The advertisers will show interest in such combinations because of the shared interests to target. All of these vehicles need work but the general idea of charging for the news is very basic and works depending on what is available and what we want.


from Editors Weblog by Emma Heald

According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, publishers of general news will find it hard to charge for their online content given the abundance of free news available, reported Reuters.

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Re: King: Same-Sex Marriage Is ‘A Purely Socialist Concept’


Leftist ideas have been around for as long as America has been here. Americans have embraced and fought them winning and losing. Some issues may appear to be one thing but could be something else or also have another side to them. Traditional American institutions have been under attack for a long time. Church has been downgraded especially since the arrival of Generation Y. Institution of family is not necessary but available as an option. The list goes on. Will same sex marriage serve only its stated objective? Yes and No. No because it is a very strong vehicle in attacking the established institutions. What we think of the traditional institutions is not the point. That they are coming under attack is. I don’t know about “purely” but if the leftists wanted to design a social vehicle to target some of the established and traditional American institutions, which hold the country together in many regions, they count same sex marriage as an ICBM of a leftist political idea. The prevalence of same sex married couples will simply shatter everything from the past nationwide with tremondous ruthlessness and not power. On another level, if same sex marriage goes Federal, the country will be flooded with extremely leftist people marrying same sex Americans to bolster the political position here. US will be overrun with international same sex marriages with US citizens which would be a 150% successful idea for the leftist movements. Basically, on another level, this is not about same sex anything but fighting the right on all fronts.


from Think Progress by Matt Corley
In April, when the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously struck down a state law defining marriage as solely between a man and a woman, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) called it an “unconstitutional” decision and predicted that it could lead to Iowa becoming “the gay marriage Mecca.”

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