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The Two Newsoms

I think Gavin Newsom is great.  World is the kind of place it is because of people like Gavin.  I used to love George Bush. He was an awesome president.  Bush single-handedly almost destroyed the entire planet by himself.  There is something to be said about stupid people.  They can really go far.  I think Bush is a real life specimen of what Evil really is.  He should be preserved and studied.  I find him fabulous and wonderful.  You won't find anything like him for a long time.  And here is Gavin.  Justs read what Guardian has to say.  I have to say Guardian has good writers and also that I stopped reading after what I read here but it could not be more to the point.  You have to live in San Francisco to get it.  What does truth and reality have to do with elections anyway?


Photo by John M. Heller

There are two Gavin Newsoms: the mayor San Franciscans have gotten to know over the last six years, and the candidate running for governor.

The contrast is dramatic. The central persona being pushed by the Newsom campaign — that of a postpartisan progressive who has united fractious San Francisco around innovative, common sense solutions to the most vexing problems using his considerable courage and political skills — seems like pure fiction to most City Hall watchers.

Here's Newsom, the candidate, kicking off his campaign and describing a harmonious local political scene: "We stopped fighting over who was going to be in charge and started working together to find solutions."

Here's the reality: Newsom is a politically isolated mayor who refused to heed the voter directive to meet regularly with the Board of Supervisors or take part in budget negotiations involving key community stakeholders.

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Frequent-flier S.F. mayor draws fire on ground

Gavin Newsom has spent the equivalent of more than nine months traveling outside of California since he became mayor in 2004, in addition to his frequent in-state trips to Sacramento or Southern California.

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It’s Insanely Difficult to Get Even Basic Information Out of Newsom’s Office!!!

EDITORIAL On January 21st, his second day in office, President Barack Obama announced that he was dramatically changing the rules on federal government secrecy. His statement directly reversed, and repudiated, the paranoia and backroom dealings of the Bush administration.

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Obama warns mayors not to waste stimulus money

WASHINGTON – Invoking his own name-and-shame policy, President Barack Obama warned the nation’s mayors on Friday that he will “call them out” if they waste the money from his massive economic stimulus plan.

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