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NYC Pizza Class

This sounds like so much fun.  I have taken so many darn classes in my lifetime and this is one cooking class I would love to be in.  $150??? but making good pizza should be so much fun.  I can imagine what mine would look like:  Pizza by a 4-year-old.


from F Slice


Pizza a Casa's Mark Bello leads the ingredient-procurement expedition during one of his pizza workshops.

Mark Bello of Pizza a Casa has just announced two late-June pizza workshops. The classes comprise a walking tour of Manhattan's Chinatown and Little Italy, where students shop for ingredients at places like Alleva Dairy, and a hands-on workshop in Bello's kitchen.

Ingredients are determined by what the class buys on the shopping portion of the workshop, but from a past Pizza a Casa event I attended, I can tell you that Bello's topping choices are thoughtful and delicious.

Event Info

This month's classes, both on Sundays, are on June 21 and June 28. It's a five-hour workshop, starting at 11 a.m. at Alleva Dairy. Tickets are $150 each, available at


Pizzeria in North Korea


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Pizza Vending Machine

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A Pizza Pie, Literally!

This bacon-and-cheese-stuffed pizza burger is comprised of two sausage-and-pepperoni pizzas (as buns), a five-pound hamburger patty, two pounds of bacon, two pounds of cheese, an onion, and two garlic bulbs. Assembly instructions at Geekologie.